Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is again spotted with a drop. The fall in the price, which started yesterday, is spotted on today’s chart too. From the past few days, the market is forming a pattern where the day begins with either having an uptrend or downtrend, but towards the end, it reverses. The last quarter has started and the hopes are all up.

If we look at yesterday’s graph, BCH was seen touching a low at $219.38 and a high at $225.98. The volume recorded at $1,111,283,911. Let’s now look at the intraday chart.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis:

The data feed is collected from Bittrex on October 4, 2019, at 05:19:55 UTC for analysis.

Bitcoin Cash Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash booked a loss of 3.36% within the first half and the price moved from $225 to $218. Further, there was an improvement in the movement of the coin. The price counter moved from $217 to $224 by 3.06%. The day ended with a fall in the price; the counters switched from $224 to $220 by 1.86%. The intraday price movement recorded a regression of 2.60%. Today, Bitcoin Cash is seen falling on the chart and the price slipped from $220 to $219 by 0.56%.

The fluctuation in the market is indicating that the coins are struggling to climb up. The efforts would soon give some positive results. Bitcoin Cash is a result-oriented coin; the currency is speculated to deal with profit in the coming years. The investment in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wouldn’t go futile.

BCH is recommended to long-term traders as it is likely to give the expected result by then. However, we would advise the traders to stay put as the current market scenario is quite volatile.

Source: Mehak Punjabi - CryptonewsZ

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